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Playing Shithead Card Game

Learn How to Play Shithead

In the year 2018, a mind-numbing number of apps were download – 180 million apps! Today, there are 903, 489 apps for gaming in the App Store and approximately 349,563 in the Google Play App Store!

Looking at this fantastic number, we can safely conclude that people love apps and games. No wonder, people around us are always stuck to their mobile, either checking their social platforms or playing games.

But, have we forgotten the good old games that we used to play with our friends and family? Is every good game is on mobile, PS4, Xbox or computer? Honestly, No!

Although, every gaming app maker claims their app to be “the most different” or “nothing like you’ve ever seen,” offline games like chess, Chinese checker or even monopoly is still many people’s favorite!

I like playing mobile gaming apps and write reviews and tutorials on them.

So, next time when you google game reviews and you stumble upon Review of stem stumper game or any new game, there is a thick chance that I have written it.

I like playing the game first, understand it, and then start researching about because I want to offer a thorough and detailed review and help young gamers with easier and better game tutorials.?

Enough about me, let’s find out what gaming app we will be discussing today! This is easily one of the most unique and interesting game that you will find today and I assure you that it won’t take much time for you to get hooked to this awesome game. Wondering what gaming app I’ll talking about?

It’s the Shithead Card Game. Wondering where you can get that app: Google Play Store or App Store? Wrong! Today we will talk about a game that you can play keeping your mobile aside.

If you have heard about the game, then you are surely well aware of the popularity of the game and looking forward to try this fantastic game.

If you want to know how to play Shithead Card Game, then this article is just perfect for you. Before starting, let’s know a little about the game.

Shithead Card Game

Playing The Shithead Card GameAs the name suggests, Shithead is a card game. The game has its own fan base and much against its name, it is quite interesting!

Shithead Card Game has gained popularity in a number of countries among local pubs and back papers. There are some original rules of the game, but there are many regional variations as well.

The Shithead Card Game is also known as Threes, Shed, Caboodle, Palace, and Karma. Many believe that the game is of Scandinavian origin, whereas many argue that it descended from a similar game of Swedish origin called Vandtia or Turn Ten.

There’s another argument: There are people who believe that the Shithead Card Game is another version of a Finnish game called Paskahousu, also known as Shit Pants! Shit Card Game is believed to be made popular by backpackers or young travelers during the last few decades of the 20th century.

In a nutshell, Shithead Card Game is originally a beating game in which every player should try avoiding being the last player to be left with no card.

Typically, the loser has to suffer some kind of forfeit like having to prepare tea or coffee, or has to shuffle and deal the next hand in the game. That was just the summary of the game, let’s dive deeper and understand the game better.

Cards and players

The maximum number of players in Shithead Card Game can be five and the minimum number of players can be just two. It’s best if you are three! The Shithead Card Game needs an average 52-card deck and the cards will be ranked highest to lowest – 2, A, K, Q… 2. Remember that twos (2) are both high as well as low.


The dealer will be selected randomly for the first hand in Shithead Card Game and the deal will rotate clockwise after the completion of each hand. Here are the basic rules:

  • The dealer will deal one row of three cards that must be kept face-down to every player.
  • The dealer will deal three cards to each player face-up, covering the cards that are kept face-down, and one at a time.
  • The dealer will deal a hand of three cards, face-down, one at a time, to each player.

If there is any card that remains undealt will be placed instantly face down and that will form a pile that is called draw pile.

Each player will pick up hands of three cards and then look at the cards. Before the play, every player can exchange cards with the face-up cards from the hand.

A player should not look at the cards that are kept face-down. Usually, players take the face-up cards that are lower ranking into their hands.

How can you play an awesome Shithead card Game?

Here’s how to play the game in the best way.

Every player will be dealt with three face-down cards on the table along with three cards that will be kept face-up on top of these cards, and one hand of three cards. The rest of the cards will be kept in a stockpile.

Players can change any face-up cards that are on the table before the game starts. In this case the players will have to exchange the cards with the cards that they have in their hands. They do it to make the strongest and the best possible trios of face-up cards.

The players will have to make sure that nobody can see the face-down cards. Whoever will hold minimum one three will start or in case nobody has a trio, the player with lowest card/cards above a three will start. The players will lay the card or cards face-up to begin a new ‘discard pile’, then draw cards of the same number from the stockpile or the pile, to replenish their hand.

The play will proceed clockwise and each player will lay a card or cards higher than or equal to the card placed on top of the discarded pile, they will have to draw back again from the stockpile up to three. If all the four cards of a number are used or played consecutively, then this will “clear the deck”. It means that the discarded pile will be kept to a side.

The player who has laid the last card will start a new pile (with any card or cards he or she wishes.) Remember there are cards that have special significance and they can be played as a two at any time. When it happens it will reset the count.

A player can lay a 10 on anything and that will clear the deck, which will be done in the same way as a four of a kind does! If you can’t play, then you will have to add the discarded pile to your hand. The next player will then restart with any card (or cards.)

The stockpile can be exhausted and when it happens, the players will have to play out of their hands. When that is empty too, the players will have to play the face-up cards and then the face-down cards that you cannot peek at before you lay.

If the card does not ‘fit’, the player will have to pick up the entire discarded pile.

The last player left standing becomes the shithead (obviously!)

How can you spice things up?

The actual joy of Shithead Card Games lies in its refinements and it is not because that every region has their own!

Some people play with a rule where a jack can reverse the play’s direction, or an eight can make the next person miss one go!

Another interesting addition in the Shithead Card Game is the rule of ‘lowers.’ Here a seven (if you a hardcore player) or a nine can force the next person to lay down a card that is lower than nine, or he or she can pick up the pile; and here comes the funniest part: a queen can make the next person sing the national anthem!

Okay, I admit that is not a rule, but what we have learned so far, once you have familiarized yourself and your friends with the basics of Shithead card Game, you can make more rules that you can impose and make the game absolutely fun!

So will you become evil?

No, you are not going to be evil just because you can make rules. Shithead Card Game is certainly addictive, which will make you addicted to it but won’t make you sadistic.

The Shithead Card game is very addictive; so much that it may lead to a fall-out among friends, if any of them gets sick or fed up playing it!


So, to summarize the whole point of the game – this game can be the best game of your life!

Imagine, a game that is easy to play and lets you make your own rules, how much more fun you need?

I believe all games are good if you play them right, but in today’s world if you can play a game outside the virtual world with your friends and family and enjoy, then that game deserves to be played more – the Shithead Card Game is one such game.

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