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The card game Bingo has the same basic concept as the typical “bingo” game – the player that calls bingo wins the hand.  There are two different ways you can play this game. It’s not required to bet with this game. You can use markers if you like for bragging rights.

How to Play Bingo with a Deck of Cards – Version #1

Each hand of Bingo is valued by the sum of the cards, and the cards are valued according to traditional Blackjack rankings. This means:

  • Face cards = 10 points
  • 10 through 2 = their face value
  • Aces = one or eleven according to the player’s needs

Unlike playing bingo at a hall or online bingo, you won’t need a machine or bingo balls to play the game. This  version of bingo only requires two decks of  52 playing cards, chips or coins, and two or more players. The players must all receive an even number of cards, and the same amount is laid out, face-down, in the center of the table. This means if each player receives five cards, the dealer will place five cards in the center of the table face down.

Bingo is usually played as a “high-low” game,  meaning that the players with the highest and lowest scores will split the pot at the end of the hand.

To begin, each player antes into the pot (similar to variations of poker). The dealer turns over the first common card  and any card in a player’s hand that matches the first common card will be discarded. If the player holds two of the same number, both cards can be discarded. The dealer will continue to turn over each common card one by one. Once the common cards have been played, the pot will be divided between the player with the highest score or lowest score.

Example of scoring – if you had 5,9,Q,Q,J and the dealer showed a 5,9,Q in the common cards, you would receive a total of 34 points for that round.

If a Bingo is called, that player will receive the entire pot and a new round begins. The pot will not be awarded to the player with the highest or lowest score.

How to Play Bingo with a Deck of Cards – Version #2

We generally choose to play this version of bingo over the one mentioned above.

To play this version requires one single deck of 52 playing cards. Each player will ante into the pot (ante determined before the game begins). The dealer will deal each player five cards face down and ten common cards. The common cards are placed in the center of the table.

When the deal is complete, the dealer will turn over the first common card. Players holding the same number in their hand will discard the card (s) and place them directly in front of them. The dealer will continue to turn over each card until all of the common cards are face up.

If your cards were not called during that particular round, you will be required to pay for them. The value of each card is equal to the ante. As an example, if a player has three cards left at the end of the round 1, the player would be required to pay $3 assuming the ante is $1.

A new round will begin by anteing into the pot again and the game will continue until someone calls a bingo.

To win this game you must call a bingo. A bingo is called when a player has discarded all five cards and that player will win the pot uncontested. If a tie occurs, the players that called bingo will split the pot.

Note – If the dealer flips a card that has already been called, the dealer will turn over the first card in the deck and use that card as a substitute. If that card has already been called, he will continue to turn over cards until a new card can be used.

If a player receives four of the same number a re-deal is called. This rarely happens, but is possible.


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  1. hi i was wanting to know what bingo games can be played on hard cards i run a bingo hall in wallis tx and were trying new games but i dont know what web site to go to see games

  2. B N O game…fill all rows in BNO rows for a bingo.
    Inside square game, little diamond, big diamond, block of nine, letter T,
    letter L and letter X. These are but a fraction of the game that bingo players like.

    1. You can also play 3 layer cake, block of 9 and 6 pack as well as postage stamp and kite and double bingo the hard way(no free space).

  3. With the one deck so what happened with the rise of the cards . After five go to each player and the common ten . ? Which pal are you using after that ?

  4. i have a deck of playing cards with valentine bingo printed on them with figures and sayings on the other side like kisses,hello love etc.i would like to know about this game.

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