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This is a card game about lying and deception just as much as it is about cunning and skill. The object of a game of Bullshit is to get rid of all your cards before anyone else. This is done in a relatively orderly fashion, but the best thing is that all cards are face down and a player can lie their head off about what they put on the table. The only way this can catch up with a player is if someone calls their bluff.

How to Play the Card Game BullShit

To begin a game of Bullshit requires from two to ten players and a standard deck of cards with the Jokers removed. The dealer hands out cards until there are none left; this will leave some players with one card extra, but this is easily dealt with and doesn’t really affect their shot at winning.

The player who is holding the two of clubs starts the game by laying this card face down on the center of the table, along with any other twos in their hand. Of course, this is where the deception can begin and a player can lay down three cards and say “three twos”. The next player is obliged to lay down any cards in their hand that follow the sequence started. This means that they might say “one three”. The next player will claim to place down a certain number of fours and so on.

Once the King has been reached, the next player must claim to be laying down an ace or two. Remember that this is a game of pure bluff and a player can lay down whatever cards they are brave enough to claim. The trouble starts when another player challenges the claim by saying “Bullshit”.

When this occurs, the number of cards claimed by the player is turned over from the discard pile. For example, the player may have said “two sixes”, and the other player might be holding all of the sixes themselves. This means that the player who made the false claim must take the entire discard pile and add it to their hand.

If, however, the person who calls out “bullshit” is wrong, they must accept the discard pile for their hand.

Where this part of the game gets tricky is towards the end of play when very few cards are left outstanding. If a player discards their final card and is challenged, they may have to pick up the entire discard pile should they indeed be bluffing about the card they laid down.

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There are many variations of Bullshit, including larger games that use several decks, varying orders of rank and even games that allow players to select a card rank that is one up or down from the cards claimed by the previous player. For example, a player might choose to say “two sixes” or “one eight” if the previous player stated they put down “three sevens”.


How to Play the Drinking Game Bullshit

Using the rules above, if a person calls “Bullshit” on another player, that player is forced to take a drink if they are wrong. If the person calling “Bullshit” is right, the player trying to bullshit the table is required to drink an amount equal to the number of cards played (the discard pile). The game continues from deuce to Aces and back to deuces, unless of course someone passes out prior to completing a full round.

Bullshit Strategy – Tips

One way that many players get rid of cards quickly is to lie about the number they are adding to the deck. For example, they might say “three fours” when in fact they just put down four different cards.

Other names for the card game bullshitbs card game, Bluff, BS, Bologna, Bible Study, Challenge, No Way, Liar, Bus Stop, I don’t think so, Bull, Cooner and Shredder you can also read more here

This Bullshit card game was reviewed by 52Pickup.net readers and received a rating of 9/10

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30 thoughts on “How to Play Bullshit”
    1. its still kind of confusing. i would like to learn to play this game. i never heard of it until i seen it being played in a movie with matthew in it.

      1. I’ve seen kids at my school play it and I’ve always wanted to play but they never let me. So I looked up the rules and now play it all the time with my friends. Thanks for making the rules!

  1. How Many Cards Does a Player Get If There’s Two People Playing Like I Know WE each Get 26 Each But Do Have a Certain Limit On How Many Cards WEre Suppose To BE Holding Like Goldfish Your Only Allowed To Have 7 cards ?

    1. Yes. You will have to have only 12 cards if two are playing.
      Else you’ll know what the other person has.

  2. I love this game…I’ve only played it once and i loved it but since it was so long since i’ve played i forgot…Thanks to this site i would of not of been able to play it again but since i play with my kids called it haha…

  3. Are you allowed to talk to other players to get their card information before challenging a bluff?
    Is there a time limit for a player to discard?

    1. No communicating card info with others… No time limit, but do you really need one? If they take more than a few seconds they’re obviously lying.

  4. If you for example, have in your hand 2 jacks, can you put down only 1 or do you have to put down all of the card that yu have or make a bluff?

    1. In all of the times I have played, I have personally been in this situation and it has been allowed. Because it is a game of strategy, it depends on how you think the rest of the players are doing and how much BS you think is happening!! If say, you have all 4 jacks and you want to only place down 3, you’ll know the next round that whoever plays a “jack” (if the discard has not been picked up) is lying and therefore gives you the upper hand.

    2. from what I understand, you only have to make a bluff if you have to put down a card other than jack, like the person before you put down 3 fives you would have to put down a number of sixes. If you only have jacks in your hand, you have to bluff saying that they are sixes

  5. We used to to play this in bars, but we used the serial number from dollar bills.
    The winner got everyone’s buck! Lots of fun and you don’t need cards!!

    1. No, once someone runs completely out of their cards they are the winner of the game, the game is over and a new one begans.

  6. When are you allowed to call bullshit on a player as they are putting their cards down or do they have to be down on th table already to call bullshit

  7. Can someone place down all their cards then the next person place a card so that another person can’t call bs

  8. No, once someone runs completely out of their cards they are the winner of the game, the game is over and a new one begans.

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