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A drinking and card game, Asshole sounds a bit complicated at first, but is actually quite simple. The goal is to get rid of all cards in a hand as quick as possible. With each round that is won, a player’s rank can increase.

How to Play Asshole

To begin playing, the players must all create a hierarchy. Usually something along the lines of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, etc. with the lowest being labeled the Asshole.

Next the ranking of cards is decided upon, and in a game of Asshole the Aces are usually the high card, with the two cards being viewed as the “power” card.

Each player receives six cards and the group chooses the first player to go. They lead with their opening hand, which is placed in the middle of the table, and play continues in the direction decided upon by the group.

The players must follow the lead or pass. To follow requires placing a card higher than the opening player’s. This can mean that players are obliged to beat the first player’s single card, or even a set of cards that they have used. For example, the opening player might lay down a pair of fives, which means that the next player must have a pair of sixes or higher. If they don’t, then they must pass and passing is allowed even if the play is beatable.

The game continues until someone makes a play that everyone passes. All of the cards on the table are turned face down and the player who played last starts again with a new card or set of cards.

When a player is out of cards, the game continues until there is only one player with cards remaining. The first without cards becomes the President (or whatever ranking title was selected) and the last player with cards becomes the Asshole.

Points are awarded to the top two ranking players, with two points to the President and one point to the player beneath them.
Now, all players must move to their ranking seats to continue with the game. This means the President selects their chair, and the remaining players sit in rank from the President’s left.

The Asshole is the dealer from this point forward, and the first card is dealt to the President and so on. Once the deal is complete, the Asshole is obliged to give their highest valued card to the President, who in turn can give them any card he/she doesn’t want.The President then leads the play.

This round continues in the same way as the previous game, and seating is always adjusted according to the winners and losers of each round.

Before the game begins, the players will agree upon a target score and as soon as someone reaches this point the game is over.
Many people play this game as a drinking game as well, with the President being able to order anyone of lower rank to consume an alcoholic beverage when they lose. The next in command is also given this power, but cannot ask the President to drink. Usually this means that the ranking players can keep themselves more clear-headed as the game progresses.

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  1. this was a really great explanation of the game! love this game, and the rules are very clear on this website.

  2. the 2 card is viewed as the “power” card, but no explanation is given of the significants of this designation

    1. Any 2 card of any colour can be played at any time to ‘clear the round’. This means, if there are doubles, triples etc doesn’t matter. Play a two, clear the table and now you get to start with a new lead card set.

      1. Or we use a house rule that a single 2 beats a single high card or a pair, 2x2s can beat 3 of a kind, 3x2sbeats 4 of a kind

  3. If you play the power card, all the cards are removed and the player goes again. The power card beats all other cards.

  4. On a point of order, considering the rules in Rudolf’s Cafeteria, after the Milke and, CooCoos have been array arranged, to, the necessary ‘fuel’ for the game, the Chamberlain, requites, that it is the preliminary to declarative condition, to other components, operant, the regular dispensation of cards, to declare in the first, to rouse, the latent, considering necessarily explaining to a qualified tone, of presence, to, repair the bowels of opponents, alert to the approaching emptiness,

    ‘Asshole’, must be alerted at the arrival, of, the Presidential Seal.

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