Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

3 Classic Family Card Games

Family Playing Card Games

Do you have any relatives coming to visit at holiday season? Are you the one who is going to be visiting? No matter what season it is, everyone can have hours of fun by bringing a deck to play. You can teach your children to play or invite mom and dad to join you. Late nights spent playing cards are a great way to make memories with family. Add one of Molly Wellmann’s drinks to the mix, along with a warm fireplace and homemade goodies, and it’s a great way to spend an entire evening.

These are our top three favorite games to play with your cards when you have family over.


Players: 4-10

Ages Children, Teens, Adults

Why do we play at home? It’s simple and fun for both kids and adults. The constant interaction also means that kids won’t get bored waiting their turn.

Goal: Collect all cards.


  • Everyone should sit in a circle around the table or on the floor. You can continue to deal clockwise until your cards run out. Everyone keeps their cards face down and doesn’t look at them.
  • Each player takes a card from their deck and draws it facedown. Then, they place the card in the middle of the circle. The players continue to place their cards in this manner.
  • The goal of a Jack courtyard is to turn it face up and be the first to “slap” or cover it with their hand. If several people slap simultaneously, the goal is to slap the card first or cover it up with your hand.
  • A player must correct a mistakenly slapped card. The player who slaps a card incorrectly must give the top card in their pile to the player who placed the card.
  • A player loses all his cards. Unless they can slap another Jack. The player who was “out” is allowed to return and play with the cards from the pile.
  • The play continues until the winner has all the cards. Play can be shortened by stopping once the first player runs out of cards. The winner is the player who has the most cards in their hand.

Crazy Eights

Players: 2-8

Ages Children, Teens, Adults

Why do we play at home? Another game that keeps the whole family engaged and on their toes.

Goal: Be first to get rid of all your cards.


  • Five cards at a time, face down. Start with the player to your left. Place the remaining cards facedown on the table. Next, turn the first card over and place it next to the facedown pile. If an eight is turned, it is placed in the middle of the pack. The next card is then turned. The face-up cards create the “starter” pile.
  • Each player must place one card on the starter pile, starting at the dealer’s left. Every card (other than an 8) must match the card at the top in the starter pile. The player unable to play a particular card draws cards from the facedown cards until they can make a play.
  • If the facedown pile is empty, the player must give their turn to another player. Save the top card from the starter pile and then shuffle all the cards underneath. Turn them facedown to make the new stockpile.
  • All eights can be played wild. An eight can be played at any moment in turn. The player should specify the suit and not the number.
  • The first player wins the game without any cards!

Play or Pay

Players: 3-8

Ages: Kids, Teens, Adults

Why do we play at home? This game involves low-scale betting. You can use poker chips or jelly beans to play.

Objective Completion of the Suits and Be the First to Get Rid Of All Your Cards.


  • Before each deal, each player puts one chip (or jellybean) into the pot. The cards will be dealt facedown clockwise, starting with the player to the left. Each player is expected to add an additional chip if they receive fewer cards than the others.
  • The first person to lay a card starts with the dealer’s left player. All cards are arranged in four rows according to the four suits. The first player may play any card. The suit sequence must be completed until all 13 cards have been played.
  • The Ace is not the only card that a player can start with. The player can begin with any card. After that, the rest of the players will add the suit in the order they choose to complete it.
  • Turn to play goes clockwise. A person unable or unwilling to play in their turn may put one chip into the pot. To begin the next series, the person who plays the thirteenth suit card may use any card in his hand.
  • The pot is won by the first person to eliminate all of their cards.