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Rummoli is a popular board and card game in Canada. It is meant for groups of two to eight people, and the larger the number, the faster the game.

To play requires a Rummoli board, a deck of cards with the jokers removed and various chips or coins for placing bets. The layout of the board has eight different regions and before the game begins each player is obliged to place one chip into each area.

The dealer then gives out the cards, until they are gone. This may mean that a few players have one card more than others. The dealer also deals to one extra space, called the “widow”. The dealer has the option of swapping his hand with the widow, and if he does not want it, it will be auctioned off to the other players.

This begins the first phase of the game, which is simply a traditional hand of Poker. The player to the left of the dealer starts the betting, or may pass. The betting continues until the limit established before the game began is reached. The player with the winning hand takes the pot, and then lays down the lowest card from their winning hand.

This initiates the Rummoli phase of the game. The next player with the next card in sequence with that suit must lay theirs down on the board. If no one has such a card, the last player from the Poker phase lays down their lowest card in the opposite color suit.

Should this player not have the correctly colored card they are fined one chip, which is put in the Rummoli pot. The play then continues in a clockwise direction until a card can be played.

For example, if the first card down was the two of spades, and no one held any spades, the next player would place a three of diamonds or some other red card. If this player didn’t have a red card, they would pay the chip, and the next player would need to place a red card on the board or face the fine.

This black and red variation continues, with fines being paid into the pot for each time a player does not have a card to play, until one player is out of cards. The others place a chip into the pot for each card still in their hands and the winner gets all of the chips.
What makes Rummoli fun is the fact that the board is separated into eight different “pots” and each pot is designated with the name of a card or sequence that could easily appear. The player who plays the card or sequence then claims the pot. They are:

• The poker pot
• Ten of Spades
• Jack of Diamonds
• Queen of Clubs
• King of Hearts
• Ace of Spades
• Ace-King of Diamonds
• Sequence 7-8-9

Some players add a final round of Poker to their games of Rummoli, and this is a very high-stakes venture for some of the players because it requires all of the pots being put back into the center of the board. This is a winner takes all, single game of Poker.

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  1. Rajes says:

    rummoli sounds stupid

    • Ken says:

      Obviously, you have never played it. It’s a great family or party game with some subtle strategy involved at the beginning of each deal.

  2. That guy says:

    I agree, it does sound stupid. We have to research it for my class.
    >_< Make it stop….

  3. Richard Kyer says:

    The game Rummoli is not “stupid” and considers a lot of stategy. It is somewhat like Poker therefore, only mature people should play (adults). Anyone that says this game is stupid may say that because they have no clue how to play or may be a bit too young. Perhaps you’d enjoy it if you knew how to play or have played. Age is definitely a factor considering if they’re is money and betting. 🙂

    • Jane Beharry says:

      Yes it is fun we play this game twice a month in our building, we have two table’s of any where’s for 5 or6 players, lots of fun.

    • Charmaine says:

      ghost hand (extra hand )are those cards turned over when you start the game or do they remain on seen.

  4. Laurie speirs says:

    We play it as a tournament. Everyone starts out with the same amount of chips or coins. We set a time limit. At the end everything that is left goes into the middle for on last hand of poker. Dealer deals cards out face up 5or7 cards depending on how many are playing. We usually have small prizes ie.. Choclate bars or chips. Highest coins gets to pick first, second, third and so on. The game is fun but the banter and conversation is what it’ s all about.

  5. Charles Fitzgerald says:

    La traduction en francais laisse a desirer. il vous faudrait engager un traducteur merci a la prochaine

  6. M. Campigotto says:

    Question–What happens if a player doesn’t play the next sequence card by mistake?

  7. Denise says:

    Rumolli is so much fun. We have couples night and play for quarters. Makes it more interesting and worth playing.

  8. Teena Hunter says:

    Rommoli is not stupid. Any game or sport that gets people thinking and involved socially and making new friends, is certainlly not stupid. The STUPID here are the people to dull and closed to see the opportunity to be involved in something that incourages this kind of interaction!!!!! As Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump “stupid is as stupid does”

  9. cosman says:

    Rummoli is a good night of light entertainment for a group of friends. We have one question on rules for alternating color of suit during play. Can anyone confirm if when switching color of suit it must be the lowest valued card in that color that must be played or does the player have the choice of selecting the suit in the opposite color and then playing the lowest valued card of that suit? Any rules we have read seem to leave this point open to interpretation.

    • Roger Hickson says:

      When switching it’s lowest of the other colour, in the next player’s hand. If the next player doesn’t have the other colour it goes to the next player, and so on, until it goes through everyone. If no one has that colour anymore, play goes back to the first person that didn’t have that colour. They would then play the remaining colour. To further answer your questions… If the person playing has to play red and has the 2 hearts and also the 3 diamonds, they would have to play the 2 of hearts, even if they really want diamonds to be played. Makes sense I hope! (Colour – I’m Canadian! Cheers)

    • Carolyn says:

      We’ve always played the lowest card in your hand. Example, if you were switching to a “red”suit and you had a 3 of hearts and a 2 of diamonds, you must play the 2 of diamonds. Hope that helps!

  10. Tim Clayton says:

    In the rummy face if you are playing one card at a time. For the sequence pot is it just the person who ends the sequence with a nine that gets the pot?

    • Charmaine says:

      The same person has to have all the three Cards …789 and does not matter if it is hearts clubs diamonds or spades
      so long as it’s the same suit

  11. John palov says:

    For rummoli 789 sequence, does it have to be black or just in sequence?

    Can we play the poker hand, can it represent any card or do you discard it?

    Thanks, john

    • Ken says:

      I believe the rules demand the 7-8-9 sequence be in the same suit, but I find this to be too difficult a requirement, so we have arbitrarily changed the rules to be simply in the same colour. Feel free to improvise.

  12. Dee says:

    Does the winner of the poker hand have to show their winning cards to the players that they beat?

    • Ken says:

      As in regular poker, obviously they do. Otherwise, how would the other players know that the “winner” had actually won?

  13. Elisapee says:

    when we have sequence 789, with ten following, are we allow to take the pot from sequence 789 on the board pot?

  14. Anita says:

    When I was a kid we would play this at my cousins’ cottage and we used penny candy as our betting chips. At the start of each round the dealer would decide which penny candy we would be betting (some more desired than others). If you didn’t have that candy then you would have to put in two of another kind.
    I am planning on introducing this to my kids this summer when we go camping.
    Bulk Barn- here I come.

  15. Kelly Clarke says:

    Is the 7-8-9 in any suit or just in clubs

  16. Ed Byrne says:

    If the dealer has a money card can u still option for the widow hand or would it have to be sold.

  17. cavell says:

    question if a player has a card in his hand that is on the board == is that player allowed to discard his hand and bid on the widow hand

  18. Sam says:

    We play CANDY rummoli, kids are learning how to play cards, win and loose, card suits, group patience, planning, how to deal, it’s a fantastic family fun!

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